4 Essential Tips When Installing Gyprock Plasterboard


Homeowners can take on gyprock plasterboard installation projects on their own if they obtain a guide on how to perform the desired home improvement project. This article discusses some essential tips which can help you to get the best from the plasterboard which you plan to install in your home.

Hang Them Correctly

You should not select the direction in which to hang the gyprock plasterboard randomly. The best way is to hang them horizontally. Such an orientation takes advantage of the inherent strength of the boards. That strength is at its maximum along its horizontal "grain" arrangement. A board installed in this way will therefore be better placed to handle greater loads, such as the load of suspended tools on the wall, than one which was installed in a vertical orientation.

Stagger Those Boards

You should also take deliberate steps to stagger the gyprock plasterboards as you install them. This technique will prevent a major problem from developing several months or years later. Plasterboards whose seams are on the same stud stand the risk of showing cracks on the finish which is applied on the surface of the gyprock plasterboards after installation. Staggering the boards averts this risk.

Explore the Options

Gyprock plasterboard is now available in a number of forms to suit different applications. For example, you can buy gyprock plasterboard which has superior water resistant attributes. Fire-resistant grades are also available, in addition to gyprock plasterboards which render acoustic attenuation effects. Think about your specific needs and buy the version which will be best suited to address those needs.

Research the Adhesives

You should also pay attention to the specific method which is recommended for installing the gyprock plasterboards that you intend to buy. Some manufacturers specify the adhesives which are ideal for their products. Other plasterboards may not require any proprietary adhesives. Consider the cost of those adhesives in light of their performance characteristics before you select which gyprock plasterboards to buy. For example, you can opt for a more expensive product in case it will allow the plasterboards to support more weight after installation. Such a decision can be good if you want to install the gyprock plasterboards in your garage so that you can suspend items from that wall.

Follow the detailed steps given to you in the product literature when you are installing the gyprock plasterboard. Hire a professional to install them for you in case you don't have the time or skills to complete the installation on your own.


23 April 2018

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