How to Get a Good Report During Your Building Inspection


The report that's issued by your building's inspector plays a critical role in determining how fast the property will sell. A building inspection will involve checking the property's structure, electrical and HVAC system, furniture, appliances, roofing system, furnishings and fixtures, and the outdoor space. If an inspector issues a report which indicates that the property or part of it is not in good condition, the prospective buyers get the upper hand and can negotiate a lower price. However, a good report allows you to sell within the expected range and make a good profit. Here are useful tips that you can utilize to ensure that you get a good report during the inspection: 

Make minor repairs

Making minor repairs on faulty fixtures can help you get a better inspector's report. Broken and defective fixtures can put off buyers and alter their view of the property. In fact, most buyers will ask that you do repairs or lower the listing price based on the value of the repairs. In this light, ensure that you carry out repairs on the following fixtures and system before ordering for an inspection:

  • Repair any damaged trim and siding on the exterior part of the home.
  • Re-install missing grout on tile flooring.
  • Fix minor plumbing issues such as leaking faucets.
  • Check the roof and repair damaged shingles.
  • Clean HVAC filters and repair damaged ductwork.

These seemingly simple repairs can go a long way in improving the condition of your property and increase its value.

Clean the house

Dirt can make your property feel unkempt, and furnishings look older than they are. This can cause buyers to feel like you have overvalued the property. Make your property appealing to the eyes by cleaning it before the inspection. Clean the flooring, furniture, and furnishings, wipe down surfaces, and get rid of clutter in the kitchen and bedrooms. A clean building certainly looks as valuable as you claim it is, and this will earn you a good report from the inspector.

Tidy the yard

No one wants to buy a piece of property where the yard has overgrown grass, weeds in the gardens, leaves scattered under the trees, and so on. Taking the time to do some yard work and tidy the exterior space can give you points on the inspector's report. Mow the grass, rake leaves, and weed the garden and walkways. Ensure that you clean the driveway and garage as well. A report that indicates your exterior space is in excellent condition will undoubtedly draw the eye of prospective buyers.

Follow these tips to get a good inspection report and attract prospective buyers to your property. Contact a company that offers building inspections services for more information. 


27 November 2017

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