Additional Fire Safety Equipment You Might Choose for Home or Office


In the office, you may be required to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen or a shop area, but the legal requirements for fire safety equipment may actually stop there. However, it's always good to think about going above and beyond simple legal requirements when it comes to your safety, the safety of your office staff, and the safety of your family at home. Note a few pieces of additional fire equipment you might consider for home or office and how these can keep you safe.

1. Glow-in-the-dark markings

In an office, you may be required to have exit signs that work with a battery backup so that if the power goes out during a fire, the signs are still visible to your employees and staff. However, if you don't keep the batteries changed or if your facility is very large, they may not be as visible as you assume. At home, it's easy to become confused and disoriented in the panic of a fire and if the lights go out. Use some glow-in-the-dark markings such as tape or even footprint outlines on the floor to mark exits and exit routes, or put this around the windows of your home's bedrooms. Many of these are virtually invisible in natural light, so they won't detract from the look of your home or office. They will ensure that no matter the size of your commercial facility or how panicky your children might be in a home fire, everyone is sure to quickly and easily find an exit.

2. Fire-resistant flashlights

A good flashlight can help you in case of a fire emergency, but if the heat of a fire has caused the batteries inside to corrode, they will usually be useless. The glass of the bulb area might also crack under the heat or get filled with smoke and again, it doesn't work as it should. Invest in a few good fire-resistant flashlights for home and the office; these will resist the heat of a fire in the battery casing and glass area so they're always working no matter the heat.

3. Fire extinguisher alarms

A fire extinguisher alarm hooks up to your extinguisher and alerts when it has been removed from its base. This can prevent any type of tampering or misuse of the extinguisher, and can also work as an added alarm for home or family. If a trash fire or fire in a kitchen hasn't yet reached the actual smoke alarms in your home or office, using the extinguisher can alert everyone that there is a fire danger in the area.


24 February 2016

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