Top Reasons Why You Should Install Window Security Films


There are many types of window films designed to offer different benefits to the user. Some are designed to provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and keep the heat out of your house. Others are installed to provide that aesthetic finish for your windows and doors, and some are designed to tint your windows and doors for privacy. There are also those designed to provide increased strength to the glass so that it can resist breakage. Installing window security film is, therefore, an exercise aimed at improving the strength of your glass and preventing it from being destroyed by climatic processes or that stray baseball.  

Why Do You Need Window Security Film?

There are several reasons why you need to install window security film. Among the most important circumstances include the following:

  • If your property is within an area that features frequent harsh climatic conditions such as strong winds, storms and other natural disasters. Your window security film will give you and your family protection.
  • If in case the glass is broken by such harsh climatic conditions or other flying debris, the window security film will help to hold the shattered glass and therefore eliminating health hazards.
  • Due to the fact that the film offers increased glass strength, it will prevent the glass from shattering easily.
  • Your window security film will also protect you from unauthorized intruders in your house.

What You Should Consider To Reap the Best Out of Security Films

Door and window films come with different features depending on the intended applications. To reap the best out of your film installation, you need to consider these features. Among the most common features to consider include these:

  • Adhesion capabilities- If your installation is to be done on a surface other than glass, you should be sure to have a multi-surface adhesion type of film. Purchase a film that can be applied to the surfaces that you desire.
  • Curved Surfaces- If you want to have your film applied to curved or concave surfaces, make sure that you have chosen a film with this feature.
  • The film warranty- The longer the warranty for your film, the longer it is likely to provide you with the security you need. Fading, bubbling and cracking are aspects that should be covered in your film warranty.
  • Removability- If you would need to relocate or change houses, you may want to consider having a removable and reusable security film.


25 January 2016

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