Tips for Using Skip Bins During Home Renovation


Renovation projects are designed to allow you to easily transform your home. From renovating the floor plan of your kitchen to extending the living area of your home, there are a variety of different projects that you can take on to add function and value. No matter the size of the renovation project, it can be beneficial to have a skip bin on hand to make waste disposal more efficient. Renovation projects result in the accumulation of different waste types, which means that you need an easy way to remove all of the waste from your property. You can make the process of using skip bins during any home renovation much easier if you are aware of a few helpful tips.

Appropriate Waste Types

It is important that you are aware that different types of skip bins are required for different types of waste. If you are performing a renovation project on your home that will result in both construction waste and yard waste, you likely will require two separate skip bins. Waste from the yard, including grass, weeds, papers and tree stumps, are classified as general waste, but construction waste, including bricks and timber, must be disposed of separately in another type of skip bin. This means that you need to evaluate the types of waste that you are dealing with and obtain specific skip bins for appropriate waste types.

Understand Restrictions

It is also important that you are aware of any waste disposal restrictions when you are using skip bins during renovation projects. There is a chance that you might be dealing with hazardous materials including chemicals or asbestos, but not all skip bins allow for hazardous waste types. This means that before you dispose of hazardous materials in skip bins, you must be sure that this waste is allowed. Failure to adhere to restrictions can result in you getting fined.

Packing Waste

When you are looking to get rid of waste using skip bins, you need to be deliberate when packing materials. There are normally weight limits on skip bins, and you are not allowed to fill above the rim, which means that you need to pack waste carefully. You do not want any air spaces that limit the amount of waste you can dispose of. This requires you to break down all boxes and waste that is not solid. You can avoid all penalties when using waste bins if you simply pack waste by adhering to all guidelines.

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23 October 2015

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