Style Considerations for Building a Garage


A new garage will increase the value of your residential property. In addition, it is a convenient and safe room for parking your car away from the elements. You can also use the area as storage space for gardening tools, cleaning supplies and old items of sentimental value. If you are thinking about starting this construction project, it is important to consider all pertinent factors. For instance, you will need to decide on aspects such as the budget, cost of materials and choice of contractor. However, you will need to decide on the structural style before you start shopping. Here are the most important design considerations for building a garage.

Attached vs. Detached

Your new garage can be attached to or detached from the main residential building. The choice will depend on your preference and the size of your property. Attached garages are more popular in the modern market. They are easier to build since the house will provide extra support. Moreover, they are convenient because you can enter your house easily after parking your car. Unfortunately, this style is limited in terms of design since the walls of your house cannot be easily modified. A detached garage is built separate from the main house as an independent space. It is more flexible with regard to structural style, so you can build something unique. On the other hand, this choice can be inconvenient during inclement weather.


The garage will affect the curb appeal of your residential property. Therefore, you should design the feature to enhance the visual impact presented particularly to passers-by. In most homes, the garage is positioned in a straight style such that the door faces the street or the gate. This is an expedient orientation since it will allow you to drive in directly. However, it is not the best choice in terms of style because it is unimaginative and cliché. Additionally, the garage door does not improve the visual appeal of your house. You should consider changing the angle of the garage to prevent these style detriments. For instance, the garage door can be perpendicular to your front gate or just slightly turned for an interesting look.


The material used to fabricate your new garage will affect the styling of the feature. Generally, you can choose between timber and metal materials depending on your vision and finances. The wood option has natural appeal, and it will allow you to customise the shape of the space. Metal can be painted in diverse colours to match your residential design.

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20 October 2015

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