Thermoplastic Road Line Marking Defects That Can Be Avoided


You can use ordinary paint to mark a parking lot. You can also use thermoplastic paint. Thermoplastic paint is becoming very popular because of its durability, among other benefits. This article discusses some defects that can manifest during, or after, the application of thermoplastic road line marking paint. Use this information as a motivator to prompt you to be very careful when selecting a contractor to mark your parking lot or driveway.

No Adhesion

This manifests in the form of a bulge on the road line marking. The bulge indicates that the thermoplastic paint did not bond with the surface of the road or driveway. This problem can be caused by several factors. For example, there may be poor bonding if the driveway surface was dirty at the time the thermoplastic road line marking paint was applied. The problem may also occur if the paint was applied at a speed that was too high.

Pitted Lines

Road marking lines may have holes or indentations in them if the thermoplastic paint was overheated and it formed a crust. That crust breaks up during the application of the paint and the crust segments form the pits you see on the road markings.

Gaps in the Line Markings

An inexperienced person may be the one in charge of applying the thermoplastic line marking paint. Such a person may make a mixture that is too thin to form a uniform line. Gaps will therefore form once that thin mixture is applied on the driveway or road. The gaps can also appear if the thermoplastic paint is too cold at the time it is applied. The low temperature makes it difficult for the paint to flow freely out of the application hoses.

Swollen Lines

You may also notice that the road marking lines look swollen on the road. This problem can be caused by applying thermoplastic road line marking paint that is too hot. The line will look skewed and rounded on the sides, and on its top.

Wavy Road Markings

An unskilled or poor driver of the road line marking equipment may cause this problem. Such a driver will not steer the road marking equipment in a straight line so the road markings will be wavy.

As you can see, the defects identified can be traced to human error during the preparation and application phases of the road line marking process. It is very important for you to select the best road line marking contractor you can find for this job. That is the only way you will enjoy all the benefits that thermoplastic road line marking paint can offer. 


14 October 2015

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