Top Trends in New Subdivision Planning You May Want to Consider


If you're a builder or developer planning a new subdivision, ensure that you take the time to plan it properly so that it will appeal to a wide range of buyers and you recoup your costs for the development. Today's subdivisions need to appeal to today's homebuyers, and what homebuyers are looking for in a neighborhood today may be very different than what they wanted a few years back. Note a few trends in subdivision planning you may want to consider for your new development.

1. The city in the suburbs

A person living in the suburbs may not want to drive into the city to enjoy sitting outside at a café or visiting trendy shops, which is why many subdivisions today bring a bit of the city with them. When making your own development plans, consider how to save space for shops and sights that would otherwise be found only in the city. One strip mall at the edge of a subdivision can mean a coffee shop or diner, a clothing store, an electronics store, and the like. Those living in that subdivision may appreciate not having to drive a long distance just to enjoy a little slice of the city in the suburbs.

2. Wider sidewalks and trails

A few years back, some subdivisions may have been built without sidewalks, as it was reasoned that people didn't walk as much as they did. Today, however, many people are more health conscious than ever and may want to walk, jog, cycle, and otherwise get outside and exercise without having to leave their own subdivision. Consider wider sidewalks, separate cycling paths, and other areas where occupants of a subdivision can safely walk, take their child's stroller out, and so on.

3. Dog parks

Dog owners appreciate having a park where their beloved pets are free to roam without complaints from others in the park and where dogs can actually meet and interact with other dogs, something important for their overall health. Dog parks are becoming popular choices for subdivisions today, and having one in your subdivision, even if it's not overly large and expansive, can make the neighborhood very attractive for pet owners.

4. Water features

A subdivision with a nice pond where neighbors can sit and read a book or otherwise enjoy the outdoor space can be very desirable. Note that a pond doesn't need to be very big or have a fountain in the middle that would require maintenance, as even a small water feature like this one can increase property values and make your subdivision stand out from other areas that don't offer such a natural attraction.


8 October 2015

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